First edition in the Workout series, an in-depth interview with Kristof van Gestel to the method 'Idiosyncratic Machine'. This method was recently developped by van Gestel as a way to involve the public into the creative process of his work and set up a dialogue. Topics that are discussed are; What is authorship? What is art? Can a method be a work of art? How can art people learn something?

Workout is a research set up by Lauren Grusenmeyer at Sint Lucas Antwerpen that examines how artists and designers delimit their free terrain by imposing a series of limitations and rules on themselves. Thus, the makers become their own instructors by limiting themselves in time, use of materials or ways of working. This method proclaims itself as self-education, whereby the repetitive nature of the method allows to investigate a particular subject. In the context of this research, a series of artists will be invited to discuss their practice in relation these methods and test these out with students in a series of workshops.

In collaboration with Kristof van Gestel
Supported by The Hybrid Designer, Sint Lucas Antwerpen
2016, bulletin
Bureau Grusenmeyer | Workout