Europalia – Power & Other Things

Be welcome on the opening of Europalia's exhibition 'Power & Other Things, Indonesia & Art 1835–Now' this tuesday 17.10 at 18.30. This exhibition explores the recent and often turbulent history of Indonesia, seen through the works of 21 Indonesian and Western artists. The Dutch colonialist period and Japanese occupation, the status of women and immigration are among the themes this exhibition tackles in order to understand contemporary Indonesia.

Curated by Riksa Afiaty and Charles Essche. Read more about it here.
Graphic design and scenography design by Bureau Grusenmeyer.


Speaking on Integrated 2017

Bureau Grusenmeyer is invited to speak on the next edition of the biannual design conference Integrated. Mark 14 and 15 November in your agenda to be part of this two day design immergence!

The biennial event offers a platform for the compelling dialogue between art, design and society, and digs deep in the polemics of this discourse. The 2017 edition focuses on the art & design of the civil domain, an ambiguous third space between market and state, where innovative design ideas, both physical and virtual, are more than often incubated in a grey zone between legality and illegality.

Read more about the conference here and get your tickets here.


End to End at MSK, Ghent

On the 14th of May Performing Objects will hold a session of End to End at MSK, Ghent as part of the finissage of 'Objections'. From 2PM to 6PM the installation will be activated.

End to End is a working method that structures a group process in which objects are continuously transformed. This collective work process takes place in silence. Front and afterwards the proces is evaluated in group. Objects from the museum's backstage will be the medium of this performance, executed by 8 performers. Come and see what meaning the museum objects get in this collaboration!

Organically developped through workshops organised by the artist collective Performing Objects (founded by Marjolijn Dijkman and Kristof Van Gestel) End to End consists of a base score from which multiple projects are now being set up (China (Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, 2015), Madagascar (CRAAM, Antananarivo, 2016), Raversijde (Private Tag, Raversijde 2016), Ghent (Objections, MSK Gent, 2017)). For this iteration of End to End the performance will be set up with objects from the MSK itself. That is to say - objects from the backstage of the museum or the museum infrastructure. This session will be led by Lauren Grusenmeyer and Ann Dekeersmaecker and executed by members of Performing Objects and Cinemamaximiliaan.

Performance-in-Jiading-Factory-Score-Choose Performance-in-Jiading-Factory-Score-Transform-1

Workout Workshop: The Mind Is a Muscle

As part of the research project Workout, Femke Ghyselinck - dancer, choreographer and artistic assistent of Anne Teresa de Keersmaecker - was invited to test out her ideas on scores and instruction based dance with students of Sint Lucas Antwerpen. During a whole week students were physically trained in the morning. In the afternoon a series of scores based on the ideas of the 'No Manifesto' by Yvonne Rainer were tested out. Parts of these scores were then assembled into one choreography which was performed at the end of the week at Extracity, Antwerp. Many thanks to the students for the intense workouts and Extracity for the great collaboration!


Free hand collages

Collage work has always been an important part of my practice. Somehow, if I start cutting up existing designs or illustrations, they come to live even more. That's why from time to time I deliberately experiment with cutting up existing material. Experiment is an important part of the studio's practice and that is why I consciously set time aside to engage in this. This time I got lucky and I made some sketches that really inspired me. The result can be seen on a poster I did for the Nrmal festival in Mexico! Out soon!


End to End publication ready!

This publication gathers the 2 months long active installation set up at Raversijde by Performing Objects. Every saturday the installation was activated by a group of 4 performers. This whole proces was documented by photograph and is now assembled in a publication!

Booklaunch 18 March from 7PM–10PM at the project space of Enough Room for Space, Brussels.Or get your copy soon in the bookstore!


Future Archive video

Baroness O, the girls behind Future Archive, have made a beautiful capture of saturday's live collage installation at Interieur Kortrijk. Have a look below!

The Power of the Avant-Garde – Now and Then

The Power of the Avant-Garde – Now and Then sheds light on the historical avant-garde and questions how relevant this pioneering art is today. Around 15 leading contemporary artists enter into dialogue with colleagues from the historical avant-garde, from Ensor and Munch to the new movements just after the war. Curated by Ulrich Bischoff. Scenography by Richard Venlet. Graphic design by Joris Kritis, Lauren Grusenmeyer and assistance by Daphné Pannier.


Workout Workshop: Idiosyncratische Machine!

As part of the research project Workout, Kristof Van Gestel was invited to organize the annual introduction workshop for the graphic design students at Sint Lucas Antwerpen. On a 16 meter long table he performed the drawing method 'Idiosyncratische Machine' together with the students. After two hours of intense drawing and hatching interesting shapes were extracted and cut out of colored paper. These pieces, which Kristof calls 'Vormfrakken' were assembled in a large cloud on the floor and provided the starting point for the students to work from. After a short group conversation with the artist the students set out to make small publications inspired on the methodology of Van Gestel.


End to End–Raversijde

Mark the calendar for the opening op Private Tag in Raversijde! Here the collaborative project End to End will open it's doors for 10 weeks of transforming objects.

End to End structures a collective process in which objects are transformed individually and brought together again. This process will take place every Saturday during Private Tag in Raversijde. Prior and posterior the process is discussed collectively and adjusted by the group. End to End can always be repeated under varying conditions, at different locations and by different actors. Variations of the project have been shown in China (Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, 2015) and Madagascar (CRAAM, Antananarivo, 2016). For the occasion in Raversijde End to End is set up by Bie Michels, Kristof Van Gestel, Lauren Grusenmeyer and Leontien Allemeersch. End to End is part of the artist collective Performing Objects which in turn is part of Enough Room for Space (Brussels) and Vision Forum (Linkoping, Sweden).


Sneak peak into the first Workout edition!

Below some images of today's drawing workshop set up for the very first edition of Workout. Workout is a research project supported by Sint Lucas Antwerpen that explores the use of restrictions and rules in the domains of visual arts and graphic design. The research will be published in a series of publications complemented with workshops exploring the topics through hands on practice.

The first edition of Workout will consist of an in-depth interview with Kristof van Gestel exploring his later efforts to open up his work to collaboration and co-creation. For this edition a drawing workshop was organised according to a method by Kristof based on the work Idiosyncratische Machine. Many thanks to Daphné Pannier and Elise Gatelier for the extensive drawing and cutting!

KG-W-12 KG-W-14 KG-W-24 KG-W-59 KG-W-70

On the lookout for helping hands!

Bureau Grusenmeyer is on the lookout for a super motivated assistant for the period of mid August untill November. The work at hand consists of exhibition design and managing projects. If interested send an email to info@bureaugrusenmeyer.com


Le Cabanon at Brno International Exhibition

Last week's the Brno Biennale opened it's doors to the public for the 27th time. The project Le Cabanon was selected for The International Exhibition. Thanks to the Brno team for the beautiful exhibition as well as the beautiful catalogue!

Photo: Radim Peško & Tomáš Celizna


Imagine Europe exhibition in Bozar

In two weeks the exhibition Imagine Euope will open it’s doors to the public. After a few months of close collaboration with the milanese architecture office Piovenefabi who are in charge of the scenography, we are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition on the 12th of April at 9PM!

With this exhibition Bozar will bring numerous thinkers, scientists and artists together to develop new ideas, images and stories for Europe. Imagine Europe is not a classic exhibition of ready-made ideas, but a cross-over between a public agora, a laboratory and a workshop. Alongside established names like Rem Koolhaas, Michelangelo Pistoletto, and Chantal Akerman, a young generation will get the opportunity to test new ideas and stories.

With Chantal Akerman, Emilio López-Menchero and Students Institut Sainte Marie Sint-Gilles, Ives Maes, Yves Mettler, Mashid Mohadjerin, Nastio Mosquito, Ingo Niermann & Zak Group, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Filip Van Dingenen and Students European School Laken, Louwrien Wijers, International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam and Architecture Workroom Brussels, Architecture Office XML and Master Students Designing Democracy Sandberg Institute Amsterdam.


Brno Biennale

Happy to announce that the project Le Cabanon has been selected for the 2016 Brno Biennal. This years theme of the International Exhibition is editions, visual identities or long term collaborations. Read more about this great biennale for graphic design here.

Le Cabanon is a cabin in the belgian countryside where Tim Onderbeke invited a series of artists to do an intervention during the years 2014–2015. For every intervention an invitation was designed as well as a poster. Currently a book is being published with photographic documentation.

Hope to see you in Brno!


Beursschouwburg winter posters

New poster designs for the Beursschouwburg, announcing their winter holidays. Snow scapes this time!


Workshop for The Empty Shop

Last week, this fun workshop was organised in collaboration with Anne Kurris for the graphic design bachelors of Sint Lucas Antwerpen. The goal of the workshop was to make a poster with the slogan HOPE that served as a contribution for The Empty Shop in Antwerp - a charity pop-up shop in which high-fashion clothes are donated and sold again. We came up with a game in which students drew letters according to random rules they had previously made up in a sort of exquisite corpse set-up. These at times surprising, bombastic, sophisticated and odd letterforms were then digitalised and put together on a series of posters.
Throughout the whole month of december you can visit The Empty Shop in the Pulcinella lounge Antwerp. Meanwhile enjoy this visual candy!