Sint Lucas Beeldende Kunst Gent

Webdesign for Luca School of Arts Ghent. When we were approached to design the website of our former art school the first question that arose was ‘what can make up the identity of a school?’. Quiet quickly, we thought that the school should have no apparent identity of it’s own. Instead, it should leave space for different kinds of content coming from the students and teachers. While the school is the structure, the students are the content — and while the website is the interface, the students are flux. We approached the website as a template to be filled in, a basic interface where structure is the main design component. One font-size, rgb blue for links and a simple templatic layout which gives space to different kinds of images and texts. From there everything is to be filled in, a flux of content that shows the ongoing research and open process that art education really is. Parallel to that we designed an additional layer where students can drop images. In the same way that walking through a school shows you traces of student’s work, you can hover over the blue crossed squares and explore off the radar materials.

Commissioned by Grafische Cel
In collaboration with Ines Cox
2013, website
Bureau Grusenmeyer | Sint Lucas Beeldende Kunst Gent