Rozalie Hirs

Website for the artist, poet, scientist and composer Rozalie Hirs. The design of the website mimics wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, an idea which came to our minds after we realised the amount of detailed information Rozalie wanted could never top her real wikipedia page. We decided to give her a very own mini encyclopedia. We set up a simple structure that allowed her to edit the website according to her needs. The main page is a large and comprehensive article and functions as a gateway to the other pages with more detailed information on her works. A few simple markup buttons for headings, quotes and menus allow Rozalie to design the pages consistently. Next to that we added an agenda page and a news page browsable by simple categories. The red buttons provide immediate access to two of Rozalie’s main focuses: poetry and composition.

Commissioned by Rozalie Hirs
In collaboration with Ines Cox
2013, website
Bureau Grusenmeyer | Rozalie Hirs