Future Archive video

Baroness O, the girls behind Future Archive, have made a beautiful capture of saturday's live collage installation at Interieur Kortrijk. Have a look below!

The Power of the Avant-Garde – Now and Then

The Power of the Avant-Garde – Now and Then sheds light on the historical avant-garde and questions how relevant this pioneering art is today. Around 15 leading contemporary artists enter into dialogue with colleagues from the historical avant-garde, from Ensor and Munch to the new movements just after the war. Curated by Ulrich Bischoff. Scenography by Richard Venlet. Graphic design by Joris Kritis, Lauren Grusenmeyer and assistance by Daphné Pannier.


Workout Workshop: Idiosyncratische Machine!

As part of the research project Workout, Kristof Van Gestel was invited to organize the annual introduction workshop for the graphic design students at Sint Lucas Antwerpen. On a 16 meter long table he performed the drawing method 'Idiosyncratische Machine' together with the students. After two hours of intense drawing and hatching interesting shapes were extracted and cut out of colored paper. These pieces, which Kristof calls 'Vormfrakken' were assembled in a large cloud on the floor and provided the starting point for the students to work from. After a short group conversation with the artist the students set out to make small publications inspired on the methodology of Van Gestel.


End to End–Raversijde

Mark the calendar for the opening op Private Tag in Raversijde! Here the collaborative project End to End will open it's doors for 10 weeks of transforming objects.

End to End structures a collective process in which objects are transformed individually and brought together again. This process will take place every Saturday during Private Tag in Raversijde. Prior and posterior the process is discussed collectively and adjusted by the group. End to End can always be repeated under varying conditions, at different locations and by different actors. Variations of the project have been shown in China (Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, 2015) and Madagascar (CRAAM, Antananarivo, 2016). For the occasion in Raversijde End to End is set up by Bie Michels, Kristof Van Gestel, Lauren Grusenmeyer and Leontien Allemeersch. End to End is part of the artist collective Performing Objects which in turn is part of Enough Room for Space (Brussels) and Vision Forum (Linkoping, Sweden).


Sneak peak into the first Workout edition!

Below some images of today's drawing workshop set up for the very first edition of Workout. Workout is a research project supported by Sint Lucas Antwerpen that explores the use of restrictions and rules in the domains of visual arts and graphic design. The research will be published in a series of publications complemented with workshops exploring the topics through hands on practice.

The first edition of Workout will consist of an in-depth interview with Kristof van Gestel exploring his later efforts to open up his work to collaboration and co-creation. For this edition a drawing workshop was organised according to a method by Kristof based on the work Idiosyncratische Machine. Many thanks to Daphné Pannier and Elise Gatelier for the extensive drawing and cutting!

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On the lookout for helping hands!

Bureau Grusenmeyer is on the lookout for a super motivated assistant for the period of mid August untill November. The work at hand consists of exhibition design and managing projects. If interested send an email to info@bureaugrusenmeyer.com