An alphabet of designs

An alphabet or designs is a playful take on the question of what design is and what it can be. Taking on the form of a children's book, the whole alphabet is covered on the basis of words. Every word is linked to a design object that has a striking resemblance to it or must have been a source of inspiration. As such, the book looks at inspiration sources, how design comes into being and the balancing act between imagination and functionality.

This book was made in the context of the 50th Biennale INTERIEUR for which a group of designers were invited by DIFT to contribute to The New Masters. All objects featured in the book, can be traced back to an archive assembled by DIFT, in collaboration with the Design Museum Gent and Biennale Interieur, consisting of catalogs, magazines, posters and newspapers covering design history from the past 50 years.

Commissioned by DIFT Agency for Biennale INTERIEUR 2018
Thanks to Stockmans, Bruno Devos & Polyprint, Dimitri Van Acker
Assisted by Mona Schrevens
2018, book
Bureau Grusenmeyer | An alphabet of designs