Sisi Tatu

Art-direction, identity and webdesign for Sisi Tatu. After running a gallery in antiquities and etnographical objects for more than three decades Sophie Van Assche decided to close her doors and reorientate online. In close conversation with her we set up the idea to transform the gallery to an online space where all her objects could be consulted. As her main objective had been to combine etnographic pieces with architecture and fine arts our goal was to give the new online gallery and subsequent identity a fresh, contemporary look. An important factor in that identity would become the photography. We photographed the objects on colourful backgrounds, making compositions with them and thus emphasizing their strong morphologies. This we further combined with a irregular geometric typeface, Platform. We further enriched the site with an inspirational blog where you can see a conflux of all kind of images just as once you could in the physical gallery.

Commissioned by Sophie Van Assche
In collaboration with Ines Cox
2013, website, identity
Bureau Grusenmeyer | Sisi Tatu